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When you have nothing, a meal means everything.

As a giving partner, you provide meals and practical programs that give her the start of a life free from the effects of poverty, addiction and homelessness-- a life secure in the knowledge of God's unconditional love and care.


ECFA Accredited

John T. Barnes Community Organization Award for 2015


DuWayne Sipper From the Executive Director

Our goal statement for The Path is as follows:
• To lay a foundation that will spread the Gospel to those who need it most and have poor fundamentals for living in the world today.
• To meet the needs of those individuals for food, shelter and emergency care.
• To place them in an environment that represents the teachings of the Bible.

Following commitment to The Path's program, each client, according to the discretion of the staff and Executive Director, will be given enough time to change their personal circumstances, learn proper guidelines from the Gospel and be prepared to reintegrate with society. No client who is actively abusing controlled substances or engaging in illegal activities will be allowed to stay at the facility. Due to the proximity of the shelter to children, we are not permitted to shelter sexual offenders.

At The Path, we promote a strengthened work ethic. Clients participate in a structured program that includes assigned chores and supervised activities to maintain the shelter properties, personal and community living space, bargain stores and Path farm. The Path also provides classes and personal guidance to build up healthier life skills to escape addiction, poor choices and poverty. Clients attend a variety of onsite and offsite programs or services intended to address their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational needs so that if willing, they can escape the cycles of poverty and destructive behaviors that prevent living productive lives. Each client is involved with a wide variety of skills training, re-training or remedial education, as well as structured job searching depending on goals, skills and available jobs. Clients set goals and monitor progress through individual case management, individual and group counseling. So that clients are equipped to live self-sufficiently, each participates in a managed savings program. Case managers review budget sheets with each client to monitor progress and set financial goals. For clients who earn an income, The Path requires a 20% of income program fee to encourage responsible budgeting and bill-paying.

We have launched a farming project using environment-friendly natural resources to grow food for the shelter and the hungry in our community. We recognize the constant need to supply our community with fresh food and partner with larger organizations involved in giving large amounts of food to our hungry neighbors. We plan to start a discipleship program for those who are dedicated to the Lord's work. This does not necessarily include clients.

There are daily challenges that come with running a rescue mission. How will we help those who need us most when jobs are scarce and funds are tight? How do we serve our clients productively and keep them moving in a positive direction? We can't escape these concerns.

The men and women who come to us seeking change are staying with us much longer... but it's working for their good. The longer they progress with our programs, the better their chances for maintaining a transformed life. You have helped us faithfully in the past - and continue to help us today. At The Path, you give them the gift of time: time to recover, time to strengthen and rebuild their lives so that if willing, they can escape the destructive cycles that brought them to us in the first place.

Over the years I have seen so many ideas come and go. Although some of our ideas are "out-of-the-box," they still align with our mission: To clothe, feed and shelter the least. I stay in prayer and ask the Lord to reveal which ones are His, and monitor The Path's funds diligently with the counsel of our Board. This has helped us stay successful that we are careful with God's money.

I remain at peace prayerfully, waiting on God's timing and God's people. In Christ, we always have hope. At The Path we give our concerns to God as well as our never-ending gratitude. We are honored to have you participate with this ministry!

People need jobs, food and shelter. With your help, we can provide these and teach our neighbors to provide for themselves.

          Yours sincerely with Gods commitment,

DuWayne Sipper-Executive Director



Board of Directors

     "And He shall direct your path." Proverbs 3:7

Board members can contact the Executive Director, or are recruited and referred by the Executive Director, local leaders or active board members. Potential board members meet one on one with the Executive Director and invited to a board meeting. Potential board members are informed about policies, expectations and also fill out an information form about their expertise, skills and interests. At the board meeting, they are interviewed and asked any questions, then the Board votes. The new board member completes a Statement of Faith. Members fulfill 2-year terms, and can be re-elected to additional 2-year terms.

Current Board

Member Name
Board Member Description
Stuart Green, President
1026 Russell Ave
Inverness, FL 34453
Non-salary -- manager of a local EGP copier office
Board member since 1992. Term: Jan 2018-Jan 2020
Christopher Nast,
Vice President
241 N Braddock Pt
Inverness, FL 34453
Non-salary – Ameriprise, financial advisor
Term: Apr 2019-Apr 2021
Les Cook, Treasurer
6086 W Douneray Loop
Crystal River, FL 34429
Non-salary – Citrus Co. Property Appraiser. Term: Apr 2015-Apr 2017, Apr 2019-Apr 2021
Maria Converse, Secretary
5946 W. Osmond Ln
Dunnellon, FL 34433
Non-salary- Part-time teacher, independent associate for Pre-Paid Legal Services. Board member since Nov 2008. Term: Jan 2018-Jan 2020
Dr. Jay Newcomer
1249 NW 2nd Terr
Crystal River, FL 34428
Non-salary – Eye doctor & practice owner.
Term: Apr 2019-Apr 2021
Connie Lobel
1537 E Ventnor Ln
Inverness, FL 34453
Non-salary – VP Loan Officer, local Brannen Bank. Board member since 2004. Term: Jan 2018-Jan 2020
Russell D. Rainey II
7900 Arlington Cir Apt# 504
Naples, FL 34113
Non-salary – retired sales/marketing, Sweet’s Div, McGraw-Hill.
Term: Apr 2019-Apr 2021
Bonnie Rybak
5365 S Cherokee Terr
Inverness, FL 34452-8611
Non-salary – retired teacher, Citrus County school system.
Term: Apr 2019-Apr 2021

Executive Director:  Mr. DuWayne Sipper  |  Phone: 352-527-6500, x4  |  Address: PO Box 3024, Inverness, FL 34451

Salaried $60,000 annual, no benefits

Our Advisory Committee

Dr. Randy T. Hodges - Sr. Pastor, Hernando Church of the Nazarene. (352) 726-6144

Dan Wilson - Florida Low Income Housing Associates, Inc. (352) 726-1113 or (888) 563-1110

Rev. Don Moody - Executive Director of the Orlando Rescue Mission in Orlando Florida and assigned mentor to The Path by the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. 407-422-4855

Bob Cohen - Owner of Bottomline Bookkeeping Service in Inverness. Bottomline has monitored the financial statements of the Path since 1999. 352-637-1122.

Association of Gospel Rescue Missions - Willing to counsel and lead in homeless missions across the United States. Over 280 missions founded by this group.1st Baptist of Leesburg is a standing member.

E-mail us at:

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